Our procedural safeguards include clear areas of authority regarding quality control and assurance, Corwest’s project managers are responsible for ensuring all projects adhere to the strict quality control procedures outlined in the Quality Control Manual. The Quality Control Manager consults with the Engineering Manager to resolve QC issues.  The QC Manager has the responsibility, authority and organizational freedom to identify, recommend and provide solutions to any QC problems. The Operations Manager is responsible for making the final decision regarding any quality control problem that cannot be resolved through designated channels, without compromising the Code, BC Safety Standards Act and Regulations and Corwest QC Manual.

Corwest Fabrications Ltd. holds a British Columbia Contractor Ap License for the:

  • Fabrication, repair and/or alteration of ASME B31.3 Pressure Piping, and ASME B31.1 Power Piping.
  • Fabrication of Custom designed Tanks, Vessels, Chutes, Ducts, Hoppers, and miscellaneous Engineered equipment.
  • We develop our own welding procedures that are Certified in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX.
  • Corwest maintains a wide selection of Weld procedures to support our Stainless Steel, High Nickel Alloy, and Titanium fabrication work.

Our Quality Assurance Manual specifies measures covering all aspects of our work, including:

  • All Mechanical Engineering and design work is performed “in house” by the Engineering Manager. Any specialized DesignWork not performed in house is subcontracted to qualified subcontractors.
  • All materials used are fully documented and comply with the project specifications. Detailed and documented Positive Material Identification using specialized instruments, such as a Niton XRF Analyzer, is performed by a qualified Third Party NDE Agency.
  • An Examination and Inspection Program is implemented, including project-specific testing plans or reports.
  • Non-conformities are addressed and controlled.
  • All welding meets regulatory requirements and all welders are fully qualified and monitored.
  • All Non-Destructive Examination is subcontracted to a qualified examiner and performed in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • All pressure gauges are maintained and calibrated to ensure accuracy.
  • The retention in the job file of all records relating to engineering, design and material, as well as Non-Destructive Examination reports, the Repair/Alteration Reports and Construction Data Reports.
  • Corwest’s Quality Control Manual is reviewed at least annually.

CORWEST can fabricate large scale piping of any size. All material is carefully inspected prior to commencing work and quality control is strictly adhered to throughout the production process.