Corwest Fabrications Ltd. (Corwest) has more than 40 years of experience fabricating custom high-quality corrosion-resistant alloy pipe spools for a wide variety of industries including: chemical processing, water treatment, oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, ship-building, and food & beverage. CORWEST’s typical fabricated material includes austenitic stainless-steel grades, duplex & super duplex stainless steel, nickel & nickel alloys, aluminum, titanium, and zirconium. Corwest’s attention to detail is paramount as they follow certified standards and methods for fabrication and follow a strict Quality Control and Assurance protocol.

Corwest has been a part of Carlson Construction Group since 2017.

Located on the shores of the Fraser River, Corwest provides fabrication of custom piping of varying metals to meet specific client needs and industries. Raw materials that are shipped to Corwest are converted on specifications by our team  of fitters and welders using certified standards and  methods, many of which are proprietary to Corwest.

Corwest also has at its disposal a large facility with overhead cranes and positioners to promote efficiencies during work flow. The facility is located a close proximity to Canada-USA border (less than 30 Km) and can accommodate transport of product via cartage, marine barge, and/or rail.